Monday, September 29, 2014

Of course we had to dress the part!

Look at that form!

He had to get in on the action some how... :)
He's a Decade!
Happy 10th to my older little man- Run DMH (my new name for him). We had an awesome time at Tee-Pee Archery in Acton. I highly recommend it if you are looking for a cool b-day party place, or even a summer camp option.  

School got off without too much trouble, and we are in full swing with Field Hockey, Drama, Fall Ball and music lessons. Never a dull moment here! 

Still plan to blog more of our summer adventures, but thought I better get this bday boy posted before the other turns... omg... FIVE. Holy cow!!

Happy Fall!!

Friday, September 5, 2014

Summer time.... and the livin' is busy!

Our summer started out with our amazing photographer, Melinda, stopping by!

So, the summer fly right by with no blog posts- but not because there was nothing to blog about!!

Our summer included trips to the Lowell Spinners, several trips to Boston, the beach, the pool, the pond, softball, track, t-ball.... oh my!! Lots to share and never enough time to share it.

The highlight of our summer, of course was our trip back to Ohio and Pennsylvania. Lots of cousins and friends to see along with grandparents!! Kennywood and the Columbus Zoo were probably our biggest hits!

We've had several visitors and enjoyed our visits immensely.

People ask if we like it here and I can honestly say we love it. Aside from being sooooo far away from friends and family, which is super hard, we love the area and all that is here.  With that said, there are still adjustments begin made. Lots of "cultural" differences. Just when I think we have things figured out- another wrench. But, I think that can happen anywhere, any time. So, back to school, new teachers, new opportunities, new adjustments, but we can do it!

Much love to all of you. More updates and photos soon!!