Tuesday, July 16, 2013


Since the 4th of July (which was probably my last update) we have decided that being Tourists in our own town is fun! We have since gone to the local hotel pool, visited the nearest emergency room, hung out at the pond in town, driven to New Hampshire to a state park and spent the day in Boston.  Above you can see Myrtle the Turtle swimming around in the New England Aquarium! 

It's funny- we spent the day Saturday in Boston. We went on a Duckboat tour 

The kids all got to drive the boat in the open water. So fun!

 Visited Faneuil Hall, went to the New England Aquarium and went back to Faneuil Hall! We've had several people who grew up here (almost everyone who lives here grew up here it seems) tell us that they've never been on a Duck tour! Too funny. We loved it. I'd definitely go again!  The kids loved the street performers at Faneuil Hall and of course the food! yum!! 

While we've met some people here and even have made some friends- everyone knows it's not the "same". Not for awhile at least...But, I had the fortunate experience of meeting up with 2 women yesterday that I've known for 11 years.  What is odd about this meet up is that we don't really know each other in "real life". They are both moms I met online 11 years ago while we were pregnant with our "December 2002" babies! We met on a due date forum and have been friends ever since.  There are about 20 or so of us moms that are still "together"- but it's not often that any of us get to get together in real life- as we live all over the country (and even have a few moms outside of the US).  When the opportunity came up to meet two of these wonderful women- I jumped at the chance!! One of them I have had the pleasure of meeting before, when the kids were around 3 years old, the other I just met for the first time.  But since she lives only 1.5 hours from here- I hope it's not the last time!! We had such a lovely day and the kids really hit it off.  Plus- I got to hang out at the beautiful Wellington State Park.
I guess lastly for now- if you follow me on FB you already know- but if you don't- my poor Finny cracked his chin open poolside last week. A trip to the ER along with 5 stitches resulted. But, I guess the bright side is now I know where the ER is and I found the kids a pediatrician!!
You can see how traumatized he was by the ambulance ride and hosptial.

Finny Finn Finn hits his Chinny Chin Chin!

Our adventures continue... 

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