Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Bird is the word!!!

I know there are lots of people out there who don't like birds. My mother is one of them. I've never really minded birds as long as they don't poop on me or fly to close to my head.

I've tried several times before to have bird feeders but for one reason or another it's never worked out. Usually we are over run with squirrels, I can't keep up on the food, or Matt complains that we get weeds from where the seed spills.

Well, this house came with several bird feeders- so I figured I'd give it a shot again. So, whether or not the feeders are empty early- I fill them each Sunday. We have 3 feeders outside of our kitchen window, 1 outside of our bedroom window and 2 in the back yard.  I'd guess that by Thursday or Friday the feeders are empty- WORD IS OUT!! I look out my window and see what I like to call the "bird smorgasbord".  Birds are literally lined up to take a turn at the feeders. This happens all day long.  We have common finches, crows, bluejays, cardinals, pigeons/doves, chickadees (state bird of Ma), woodpeckers, robins and more.  We bought a book just to identify them. It's been so interesting and fascinating to watch them.  But--- the best part--- we now have TURKEYS! Yes, you read that correctly- the neighborhood has a family of turkeys living here.  They come each afternoon or evening and they eat all of the bird seed that is on the ground.  It is crazy!!!  Living kind of in the country I was expecting some wildlife, but not THIS wildlife!!
Gobble, Gobble

In other news- the kids and I took a whirlwind 10 day trip to Pennsylvania, Ohio and New York to see family (and we snuck some friend time in there, too). It was really bittersweet to see everyone. We had a great, great time, but now I miss everyone even more!! Our trip was capped off by a visit by my sister and her family.  We had a great time and even enjoyed our first New England Lobster Bake!! It was fantastic!

Pa for Max's adoption court hearing. He's official! Yay!

Long Beach- Cousins!

Amelia captures her inner colonial girl

Finn has found his calling- Minuteman.  The other boys liked it.
We couldn't get Finn out of the costume.

Lobster Bake! ALL fresh, local ingredients.
 In house news- the exterior walls and roof are now repaired. The metal fabrication/roof guy found some other issues that need to be addressed- but  we should be mostly good to go for now. And, it didn't cost quite as much as we anticipated- so that's good.  Our patio has been enlarged, a lot of landscaping has been done and most of our interior projects are completed.  We will probably hold off on the other projects for now- so we can save some money. I'll likely to most of the painting myself.  It's been quite an ordeal, but once it's all behind us I feel we will really enjoy the house.  I do feel that this sign sums it up, though.  Thanks to my sister for buying it for me once I spotted it. 

In kid news- softball is over, but Amelia is signed up to play instructional field hockey. Sounds fun.  She will also be playing trumpet for the middle school band (not marching band, just class).  Declan is signed up to do a play that will rehearse from Sept-Dec and performances will be held in December.  He'll also pick piano lessons back up. We are just waiting to get matched up with an instructor. Busy will be good.  They all start school the week of Labor Day. The big kids the 4th, Finn the 6th. Wish me luck in our final stretch!!

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