Monday, September 9, 2013

Almost a Month

Our trip to Boston with mom and dad
It's a miracle! mimi hits the beach!

Paul Revere's House

Oh my! It's been almost a month since I posted?! I guess I feel like I've been posting alot of our activity on FB so I haven't had much to say on here.

My parents came for a whole week to visit us at the end of August. That kept us busy, but it was so fun to explore with someone else and, of course, to have visitors!  While I've made a few friends, I don't get to see them very much, so it can get a bit quiet around here. Everyone knows I like to talk, so it was nice to have someone to chat with for a week!  

The kids started school last week and they all 3 seem to be liking it so far. No homework yet, and still settling in, so we'll see how they feel in a week or two once we've really battened down.

Amelia has started field hockey. She said she's still learning and is kind of slow, but she thinks it is really fun and has met some more girls- so that's good.   Declan will start practice to be in a community (children's) play this week and he'll start piano next week. Busy fall schedules, but good. Still trying to decide what to do with Finn- I'm hoping maybe swim lessons.  I will also be taking him along with me to Jazzercise on his off days from school. Something new for me, too! I've never done it. I haven't worked out since March, though- so it's [well past] time!!

I am really enjoying the area and the things there are to do here. It is historical and beautiful.  However- I'm not sure if it's a local thing, a NE thing or maybe everywhere (since I've never been new before) but it is SO HARD to get information from people. Geezy peet, it's driving me crazy.  For instance there was a paper sent home with Declan on the first day (not before school started mind you) that said "if you will pick up your child from school every day please fill out this slip and turn it in. You will come to the school doors and your child will be called from the cafe for you to get." Okay, fine. But what if you have to just get your child sometime?   So, I called the school today as I have to get Declan every Tuesday. The lady answers "hello" (not who she is) I basically tell her I know if I'm picking up every day I needed to fill out that paper, but what if it's only once in awhile (or in my case, once a week). And, I kid you not,  this woman who WORKS IN THE SCHOOL says, "Well, now you know, I'm not really sure." WHAT DO YOU MEAN???? She goes on to say "I guess you just write a note to the teacher saying you'll be picking up" I have to reply "But, do I need to park and come into the  building, or is there a different method?" Again her reply is, "well, I guess that's what you do, but you'd really have to talk to (different person). UGH.  Certainly I am not the only person who has had this issue- right?
   Example 2- Amelia's school has given very specific instructions on how and what time to drop the kids off in the morning if you drive them. But nothing has been said if they are walkers. What door they should go in, if it's okay to get there early and stand around outside.. nothing.  
Example 3- I signed Declan up for a play/children's theater type of thing. I never got anything beyond the basic flyer. It had how much I owe and when I need to pay it and the time and days of practice. It somehow assumed I knew WHERE practice was, sign in/drop off procedure and who to pay.  Even after I asked those questions she never bothered telling me who to make a check out to.  

Can you tell I'm frustrated today? It's feels different to me than Ohio in that there people were always willing to go out of their way to help you, guide you, instruct  you, help you find the answers. Here I fell like I'm always kind of just on my own.  It also doesn't help that I don't have a network of people to ask, either.  Oh well. Still finding our way- and next year I'll "just know", too.

Oh, I have been working on my dining room re-do also. I am almost done- and will post before and afters when I'm completely finished! That's been my project of the month! :)

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