Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Projects, Projects and more Projects

Both an advantage and disadvantage of not working is that I have lots of time on my hands. I'd love to say that my house is super clean or that I whip up gourmet meals, but I can't. (In my defense for the meals, we do eat at home just about every night, but evening is actually when we are busy, so no gourmet!)  But what I have done is started a lot of home projects (which I talked about earlier). While this is great in making this house "ours" it kind of stinks for my husband because that means I shop and spend money just about every day. haha. But, seriously, I'm still a bargain shopper and I think most of what I have bought are good, sound purchases.  Pictures to follow of the living room now done with the exception of maybe some square ottomans to sit against the wall and eventually a new couch or couches. 

We are definitely settling into a routine here. It's great. The kids are enjoying their activities and school, I am learning the area more and more each day and the weather and foliage is gorgeous.  We can't complain about the fall weather here, that's for sure!

We are gearing up for a visit from "Nanoo and Grampa" (Matt's parents) so that should be awesome for the kids.  That will quickly be followed by Finn's birthday, our Halloween party, Matt's birthday/visit from my dad and brother for the Steeler's/Pat's game, then the Hanley's visit, then Matt's brother visits and it's Thanksgiving. Whew! We'll be busy but in a good, fun way!!

Not sure if I posted this already. My favorite project. I found this pallet type thing in our woods. It's great for haning all of the kids' stuff. I do plan to paint bright gold behind it, but we have some repair work that needs done to the wall first. I took out the funky desk that was there.

My foyer bench- one of my Consignment finds
Living/Family room

Living/Family room complete with photo bomber.                                                                                                                      

My other photo bomber. The wall is actually a grey blue color. At certain times of day it seems to match the dining room built ins, but it is actually much more blue. I like how it provides flow between the rooms, though. The ottomans will go to right of TV console

Our back woods. Can't wait to see this in the winter
View down our driveway towards main road

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From closer to the house, looking down drive

Looking across our front yard

front door. I love the giant mums

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