Monday, December 9, 2013

It's The Holiday Season!

Merry Christmas from Santa's helpers!

It is so hard to believe that it has been 5 months since we've moved here. The time has flown by! 
Everyone has been asking how the weather is here. So far, so good. We had our first significant snow today- and it was really only an inch or two, plus slush, sleet, rain. No cancelled school, much to the kids' dismay! They can't believe that Ohio has had way more snow than here already. I told them to just wait!!

The kids remain well. Declan is at the cumulation of  his play. It is called "Christmas at Dobb's Diner" and is about a group of kids stranded at Christmas. The flip side is that there is drama at the North Pole and Santa might not be able to head out. The cast is comprised of kids all ages 8-12 and they've been working hard since September.  Declan plays the part of one of the elves and is having great fun.  He also takes piano lessons and starts Basketball this week. Better to be busy than bored, I guess.

Amelia continues to play and LOVE the trumpet. I never would have guessed she'd be such a "band geek" (I say that affectionately) but she is and she's loving it.  She is also playing Basketball and she'll start softball in the spring.  She is busy with her dog walking business and I joke that she makes more money than I do. :)  Amelia's big news, however, is that her scoliosis is now at a point where she has to wear a grace. She just started wearing in a few days ago, so it's still a major adjustment, but she's doing great so far. 

30+ degree curve middle- top is 24+ degree

Finn continues to be Finn. He is taking swim lessons as his only extra curricular activity. He's content to just do that, and so are we.  We've both been making friends, though, both at jazzercise and through mother's club.  It's been fun to have some social interactions.

The Christmas season is upon us and we've enjoyed Advent services at the church we've been attending. We also hosted Matt's department here for a Christmas party, so it was fun to get the house ready for guests. 

Party time!
We saw a "reindeer" scoping out the house, and the kids have played Santa a ton as well.

Above- one of Santa's reindeer looking for a landing spot!
Below, my own reindeer and Santa and helper.
And, because we don't want to live here and not do the things that there are to do- we visited Edaville. It's an amusement park South of Boston (pretty close to the Cape actually) that has a train that runs through its festival of lights. The big kids sat on Santa's lap, we decorated cookies, we rode the train and we had a great time!

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  1. I appreciate her fun colored brace! Rock it out Amelia! :) And.. I am jealous of your fun railing to hang your stockings! Merry Christmas Hughes Family! I am glad you are adjusting well!