Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Blizzard of '15 "JUNO"

Still don't quite understand why they are now naming blizzards. Or, maybe they always did, but we didn't have The Weather Channel on 24/7 to tell us the name 247 times. 

We are now in our second winter in New England. We thought it would be very wintery here and we weren't really wrong last year. My last patch of snow melted in April (not kidding) but the snow kind of came in fits and starts. We got around 3 feet in the month of January. A lot, and with much frustration on my part because Matt was gone most of the month, but it's what we expected.  What we did NOT expect was to get 3 feet of snow IN ONE DAY.  Last Saturday we got around 6" of snow. A decent snow fall. We got it all cleared out and heard a storm might be coming for Tuesday.  Pretty soon we heard we might get between 20"-30" of snow on Tuesday. Then we heard it would be blizzard conditions. I went to the store, we put our shovels, snowblowers and gas in the garage and we waited.  

At 11pm Monday night we went to bed with it just spitting a bit of snow at us. We woke up to around 15" of snow. Holy what?! It continued to snow the rest of the day at a rate of around 2" an hour.  When all was said and done, by around midnight Tuesday night into Wednesday we had received 33.8 inches of snow (on top of the 6 we had). Wow. It is a LOT of snow.  Matt is very paranoid about water getting into the basement- so we have been clearing it like crazy- from around the base of the house, off of the roof, and of course the driveway and walks, as well as patio. (The worst roof gets raked onto the patio so we have to keep that clear to keep pulling snow off of the roof).  After around 6 hours each yesterday and 3-4 more hours today I think we are done.   Below are pictures- I am trying to post in chronological order- so the first ones from Tuesday morning and the last ones from Wednesday morning.  Happy viewing!  

And, oh, yeah, heard there is a foot more coming Monday.  HELLLLLPPPPPP!

Pre blizzard

This is around 9am

Standard height garden flag

Believe it or not, this is the top of our driveway

Good height perspective. This was around 10 am Tuesday

Declan's fort in the woods. Held up pretty well

path we created to walk to part of the yard

We had so much that matt went on the roof and shoveled and then I raked it off with the roof rake

Notice that the fence is almost covered. Those are not piles created by us- that's the  height of the snow

After clearing path Wednesday morning. All the rest of the pictures are after all the snow fell.

You can see a tiny bit of our wall. It's at least 3 feet tall- and there is a slope away from it at the bottom.

Notice the pile of snow to the left of the deck- is as high as the railing

Try to look at the height of the snow as compared to the door/window on the shed

Again, piled to top of rail

That is a standard 3 ft fence. Snow is to top of it- not piled- just fallen

A good perspective shot. 

This is the path and spot we shoveled for the dog

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