Sunday, February 15, 2015

SO Close to the Record

As of this morning in Lowell MA there were 111.3 inches of snow for the season (though it fell once in November, and the rest since Jan 20). The record is 111.5 inches. I assume that in Chelmsford (where we are, next town over) the amounts and records are similar.  I want everyone to read that number again. One hundred and eleven. Of course, that much snow is not on the ground. However, my shovel has touched that much and much of it is piled around my house (and intersections and parking lots, and, and and...). The thing about this much snow is that pictures are so hard to give perspective.  I'm going to try to post "before" and "after" pictures of sorts this time to try to give you an idea of what we are dealing with. It's been a crazy ride.  But, I do have to say- it damn well better snow another inch. If we are going to be this close, we better beat that damn record!!
Finn's school (before this storm). Those are swings
Finn's school playground. 

View from my bathroom wndow. The snow is obviously as tall as the window. This is from piling it there. To the left is my fence. You can barely see the top of it (it's a 4ft fence)

Another view from my bathroom. That is my enclosed patio

View from my kitchen window. Again, included sill so you could see how tall it is.

Look at the top of the umbrella. Again, from piling it up- moving it away from house

This is to the right of my back door. There is a fence over there. You can see the path towards the fence. We have started stepping over it.

From our main entrance looking out.

Not the same exact angle, but same spot in driveway.

Before we cleared the driveway. You can see how deep todays and how tall the pile already is.

I am standing on the ground (cleared off driveway). They are standing on the pile that is on ground the same height as the ground I was standing on.

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