Thursday, April 2, 2015

Spring Has Sprung?

Supposedly it is spring. I'm not buying it. As I sit here on my back enclosed porch on April 2nd, this is my view... Hmmmm. It is pretty this afternoon and I think we broke 50^ for the first time this week. Our family did "see grass in the front yard" poll and we already have 2 out. We do have patches of grass in the back and sides where it's sunny- but most of it looks like the picture. Sigh.
  Not that we've been sitting around moping. February break brought us pizza making,
 A really cool hotel stay in Manchester, where our room overlooked the baseball field. (As did the outdoor hot-tub. Way cool). We also hit up...
 ...Build A Bear. The first time Finn ever remembers doing it. Poor neglected Finn.
 The end of break got interesting. We ended the weekend with Matt almost falling off the roof while cleaning it. He caught himself- but dislocated his shoulder and tore the heck out of the ligaments in the process. Here is us in the ER. He didn't want to be in the picture.... but included it for fun. haha. He has since had surgery and is recovering well. He's looking at 5 more months before he has full range of motion. But, he's back to work and (against doctor's advice) driving.
 We also have managed to beat the blues by visiting Altitude Trampoline Park several times. Finn feels pretty manly when he knocks kids off of the battle beam!
                             I included this just because I think the kids look cute.
 The next picture is from our church's sock-hop! It was so fun and I think we are all secret 50's kids!
 March brought us a little more snow (not much thank goodness) but it didn't dampen our St Pat's spirits!
 Amelia has been lucky enough to perform at several important state band competitions, and Declan was chosen to sing in the elementary All State Treble Chorus!!! It was awesome! Here he is with his teacher and 2 others from his school that were chosen. And, after much deliberation he has decided to join Chorus in middle school and not play the trumpet like big sis. We love, love, love Miss Lacasse and Mr. Wright but we thought it was important for Declan to "have his own thing". And, his very good at chorus and enjoys it a lot.
 Sadly, March also brought us a huge loss. After almost 14 years (his birthday would have been this week). Our sweet, sweet Baxtie crossed the rainbow bridge. His health declined rapidly, but he died comfortably at home in his favorite spot on his bed. He was always under foot and could be maddening, but he was so sweet and loving. He will definitely be missed.
Next week starts a new chapter in our New England lives- I start working! For the first time in just shy of 2 years I am going to be a "productive member of society". And,I'll be working in the summer for the first time since before having kids(so weird). I have accepted a job at Aldersgate UMC (the church we attend) as the office manager. I think it will be a great fit for me and the people there are awesome. I am really excited and a ton nervous.  

Right after I start working I get to hit NYC with my sis!! So excited to finally celebrate turning 40. We aren't going to be there long, but we'll manage to pack it in (mostly food, but I'm good with that). 
We will return from NYC and meet up with my parents and go watch Amelia PLAY AT FENWAY. We are so excited that she has the opportunity to play the National Anthem with ATWE (All town Wind Ensemble). It is a potentially once in a life-time gig... can't believe how lucky she is! 

The next week brings Spring Break. We are escaping to Northern Vermont for a couple of days before I start working my "full days" (9-2). Lots of excitement, but we don't do boring!!! By the end of the month hopefully the weather will cooperate and we'll be right in the swing of T-ball, track and Softball seasons.  

Miss you all!
PS- for the record, we did set the  snow record! 

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