Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Beantown or Bust!

Well... I guess I have to start somewhere- So... The Hugheses (thanks, Molly O. for clearing that up) are on the move. After 8 years in Westerville (and 16 total in Central Ohio) we are heading to Boston Mass this summer!!

Most of you reading this already know that and want all of the juicy details.  So- as I sit here in my ransacked house (because I might as well try to have a garage sale) I'll tell you what I know.

Our house here is "In Contract". We were on the market around 22 days or so. Most people think that sounds super fast- but it felt like an eternity (especially because many houses around here sold in a few days).  We are set to close on May 24- the day after school ends.  That will make for about the world's longest summer because the kids don't start school in Mass until after Labor Day!!

Anyway- we are also "In Contract" on a house in Mass.  Contingent on our inspection which is next week. It's important to know that I LOVE looking at houses. I oogle over houses. I have been looking for a new house ever since we moved into this house. And. And. And. I did not see our house. Matt went house hunting without me and picked out a house. I completely trust him and in photos it looks awesome. But I didn't get to look at houses! What??!!! I think I might ask the realtor to just let me drive with her someday looking for a house for someone else. Think they'd mind?  One nice thing is that pretty much every house in Mass is a large Colonial. Or a Cape Cod. Which, is what we ended up with. Well, or that we WILL end up with. Fingers crossed!

We are set to close on that house on May 31st. We will be in Disney World from May 29-June 6. Should be interesting to say the least.  And, to all of my Westerville friends who thought they'd have me around until July... I'm bummed. But, it won't be long before I'm back! You all won't be able to get rid of me that easily!!

So, that's my update for now- keep checking in (or subscribe) to find out our progress. And, new house pics after I go there next week!

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