Friday, May 24, 2013

Nothing To Do

I am having the weirdest feeling right now. After 12 weeks of intense labor (and I'm not kidding about that- staging the house, cleaning the house, selling the house all while being a single mom- along with still working part time, fixing things, and carting the kids around... wow... it has been a lot of work!) I am now staring down a long stretch of not having to do anything.  I don't HAVE to keep the house clean. I don't HAVE to fix anything (well, unless it involves our livelyhood). I don't have to go to work. The kids are not in any activities so I don't have to take them anywhere. It's a very, very odd feeling.

Now, will I just be sitting on my rump from now until "then"? Of course not- I don't do bored. But, knowing that in a few hours I'll be homeless and on the tail end of that is vacation is a feeling I can't describe. I think I might be a little giddy about it. :)

An actual update- Still working with the bank on the Mass. end- but it looks like everything will be a go for us to close next Friday. We will be homeless for just shy of one week. Which, means no mortgage at least.  We close on the house here today and the movers will come load the truck tomorrow. We will clean and get out of here hopefully by tomorrow night (I can't leave the house filthy like the one I'm moving into).  Spend a few days with the in-laws and then on the move.  Keep checking back to find out more about our adventures.

Till then.... xxxoooxxx

PS- if you are a Westerville friend reading this- if you see me- please don't say goodbye- just "see ya later" because you will. Remember- we have family who lives here. We'll be back!! We won't just abandon friends we've had for 8 years!!!

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