Thursday, June 6, 2013

Drama, Drama, and more drama

What a saga buying this house has been! But, after much drama- we are officially Mass (I don't dare try to spell it) homeowners!!!

However, in the never ending saga... the movers will not be there until Monday! So- more hanging around and hurrying up to wait. So, my little vacation is extended. Doing laundry at the in-laws today and then hanging out with my family until Monday (even get to visit my big brother K in Harrisburg- life is good).  

So- to recap- sale of house went relatively smoothly- some negotiation which was okay- some minor annoyances with that- no big deal. A last minute bank glitch held up closing on the buyers' end- but sale went off okay. I've heard that the couple is very nice and have a cute chocolate lab who I'm sure is adding to the years of dog hair embedded in the carpets.  It's very weird to know that someone else is living in "my" house- but I'm glad it's a young, friendly couple who will enjoy the neighborhood as much as we did.

Purchase of Mass. house=nightmare. Pyscho realtor, seemingly crazy sellers... you name it, we got it. They went so far as to go to court to file a lawsuit when they thought we weren't going to close on time (which was actually by no fault of ours-if anything more their fault) and after closing the day we said (just later in the day) they would not hand over the keys for 4 more days (2 business days) until the money from the sale actually hit their bank account. They aren't even living in the house and the closing went through. Good gravy.  We had to have our realtor let the cleaners in using the lock box.  Hey sellers of Leitrim Lane- if you are reading this- know that we think you are CRAZY. I hope that you aren't really and were just very ill advised.  I can't wait to talk to the neighbors to find out what these people were "really" like- and not just in the heat of real estate! 

I'll keep posting when there is something more to post about- but for now- we are officially "Massholes" (not my phrase... lol)

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