Thursday, June 13, 2013

Getting Settled

I honestly don't even know where to start- I'm taking a break from unpacking- sitting here looking out at the rain (again). Poor kids- they haven't really been able to go outside at all. I'm pretty sure it doesn't actually rain here everyday- but so far it feels like it.  But, I digress.

The house is great. It is very US. I'm still very pleased with Matt's choice. But... like any house- it of course as come with it's share of problems. First being is that it is very common here to not have gutters.  So- since it's been raining and raining- the rain is falling straight down the house and going right into the basement in several places. UGH. Not sure what we can/will do about that- but water scares me.  We also have to have our sink replaced in our kitchen- have my sink sealed with silicon and we've already had a plumber here about a different leak. I hope this is just a flukey thing and we won't have long term water problems. That could be a nightmare!!!

Other than the water there doesn't seem to be any major things we'll need to do right away (we did have to have a 220 line put in for our dryer- but we knew that would be the case).

There is SO much storage in this house it's kind of funny. We are doing a good job of finding things to put away in those places- but I feel like there are so many empty spots. I can't imagine filling them and hope we never do!!! I guess the previous owners had stuff everywhere- but the only room I plan to fill is the kitchen (not hallway) and Butler's pantry. :) It actually will be nice to display some of the stuff that we've had in storage for years. The closets in the bedrooms aren't huge but I have a nice big walk in closet off of the laundry room I can use for off season storage. No more bins and bags- yay!!

As for settling in- we are getting there. I'm trying to do a little unpacking and exploring each day. Today we went and enrolled for school. That's a big step. Yesterday I discovered a shopping center just 5 minutes away and it has everything we "need"- so that was a great find. Best part? It has an Orange Leaf (Westerville friends will understand)! It has only been open 5 days. I feel like they opened it for us!! Of course- we already went!!  I've only met a few people (service providers mostly) but everyone has been very nice. The kids met the next door and back door neighbors yesterday. No kids or teenagers to babysit, but they said the grandma was very nice and the collegish age kid next door was also nice. They did not meet his parents or brother (and I guess maybe he babysits- lol). The kids here are in school until June 25th so hard to say if there are any kids around or not. It doesn't seem like there are any in the 4-5 houses kind of near us.

We do hope that Amelia is going to play softball starting in a few weeks. That will be a great way for her (and us) to meet people- so I hope it works out.

I realize this is kind of rambling, but that is pretty much my brain right now.  Hope to post more (including pictures) this weekend.

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