Friday, June 28, 2013

More Photos

So... I cleaned today. That allowed me to take photos of the family room and butler's pantry (now... if I only had a Butler...) You will notice the "built ins" in the photos- we are having the ones in the living/family room removed and most of the ones in the dining room. Some people might think that is crazy, but really they are pretty useless. They aren't very deep and really seem like they were built for books and or VHS tapes.  I just see them as dust collectors, really.  For now I do like having the photo albums on them- but I can find alternate storage for those later. 

The dining room paint color will also be changed, and I'll likely be painting the built ins that do remain in there.

As for life- we keep muddling along. We turned on our air earlier this week when it went from raining to a thousand degrees and you'll never guess what happened... water in our basement! I am so tired of dealing with water issues.  We have the AC people coming next week, gutter people (as not having gutters is part of our problem) and someone to give us some options (finally) about what we can do with our kitchen sink problems.  

Amelia has started softball- first game took an hour to get to and then we got rained out after 3/4 of an inning. The second game took an hour to get to and we played the bad news bears and won 22-2 or something.  The third game we played a well matched team and won 7-4. It's been nice meeting some people and having a purpose a few nights a week.  I signed D up for tennis camp for a week in July and hope to find some swim lessons. But, for now it feels like all it does is rain.

Thanks to everyone who reads and comments- now- if we'd just get some visitors! :)

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