Tuesday, June 18, 2013

One Step Forward, 2 Steps Back

I know it's only been a week- and I think I should probably be proud of what I've accomplished so far- but instead I'm feeling frustrated.  I feel like unpacking is a big case of one step forward, two steps back.  We had all of the boxes unpacked and yesterday they came with what was in our storage unit. What is the worst about that is that we have been living without that stuff since March- so I know we don't need it. It's just more crap to put away!!   With that said, there were lots of family photos in those boxes, and some other "personal" items- but there were also 3 boxes of my hoarder Amelia's "junk". So... more boxes to unpack- more pictures to find homes for.

I don't consider myself a knick-knacky person- having trouble finding stuff for all the shelves for that reason. However I do have TONS of photos. It's my thing- I like displaying photos. However, with all of the windows and shelving (short and shallow) in the house I feel like there is no where to put my photos. So again- one step forward, two steps back.  I know we'll get there and we'll find homes for everything, but I'm an instant gratification kind of gal and I'm not getting it! :)

In other news- I love our hardwood floors- but geesh- I have to get area rugs and small rugs for everywhere! I feel like every day I go to the store for a new rug for somewhere. Thank goodness for Walmart being down the street- I don't want to pay a fortune for rugs I'll probably change out- but I need some since we are tracking dirt through the house.  Again, we'll get there.

And- in unrelated news- I went to Declan's school yesterday to see if he could go spend a day or shadow or something- and I got backed into in the parking lot! Geesh. If it's not one thing it's something else.  But, as luck would have it- on Sunday we sold the trampoline that came with the house. The guy we sold it to has a body shop.  He's already been called and will come by tonight to check out the damage.

Got one leak fixed- have another. Me and Ralph the plumber are becoming BFF's.  He gave us the name of a guy who can hopefully take out our kitchen counter to replace that sink and take care of that water issue.  There is definitely a very small town feel here. It's a nice community and everyone has been very friendly so far.  We hope to make it to church this weekend and hopefully it will be a good fit and we can meet some people.  I really want my kids to meet some other kids (all 3 close neighbors have grown kids) so I thought they could do the church's VBS. Alas- their VBS is 4 Sundays after church and this week is going to be the last day. Guess we won't do that.   Oh well- we'll figure it out.

Tonight some folks from the Powell office are coming over for dinner. So that's great- we get to show the house to someone- I get to talk to someone other than my kids and we can have a relaxing evening not unpacking....so while it's complicated and frustrating at times... life is good.

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