Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Might finally be official...

...Wow. After lots and lots of consternation and back and forth regarding the inspection (I won't bother anyone with details) we finally signed our S&P today. So, as long as everything goes as planned from here on out we will own our new home in Mass. on May 31st. We'll be homeless for about a half of a week; weird to think of that!  Moving day is June 7th and any time starting June 14th we would love visitors! We have a guest room and plenty of room to spread out- so seriously- plan a visit!!

I am trying to not be sad about leaving- but I'm sad about leaving. We have made wonderful, wonderful friends here and I can't imagine life without them.  It will also be really hard to go to a new place and not know anyone. And, since we won't be in a neighborhood it will be hard to meet people.  I am determined to keep a positive attitude though and think of it as a new adventure. It's also not helpful to mope about- for many reasons- but especially because I don't want the kids to see it and have them act the same way. They are handling this very well and I want (NEED) that to continue. 

To any of my Westerville friends who I might see before I leave- just know that I am not into big goodbyes. I don't transition well. So when I see you and we part, it will be just as if I might run into you again tomorrow.   And, I'm already planning to come to the area in August so I'll see you then!! (Some of you probably as soon as I would anyways with our busy lives).

I'll keep updating as I have updates- but for now... wish us luck!

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